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  • Frequestly Asked Questions

    How often do you receive a shipment?

    We receive a shipment every month. Usually in the first week of each month. We usually try to have the shoes ready for the first open house of the month and to have them on the website the following week.

    Can you keep a pair of shoes on hold?

    Yes, we can keep your shoes on hold for up to one week with a $25 deposit, longer under certain circumstances. Please email us with details.

    I bought shoes in Argentina but for some reason, when I returned to USA, they don't fit me anymore. Would you be willing to do an exchange?

    Yes, funny but this happens quite often.   We'll be willing to trade shoes as long as they're the brand that we carry and are in perfect condition.   15% restocking fee applies.

    My friend will be in NYC. Can she pick up the shoes I purchase online?

    Yes, please choose "pick-up" in the shipping option and complete the transaction. Email us with the order number and the name of your friend and the date your friend will be picking up your shoes.

    Can I change or cancel my order?

    Yes, as long as your request is received prior to shipment.

    I am interested in purchasing wholesale; 

    I would like to know terms, prices and shipping, minimums.

    For that information, you can contact Chino.

    I will be attending a festival and would like to sell your shoes. 

    What kind of commission can I make and can you ship the shoes to me?

    For that information, you can contact Chino.