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  • How to choose the right pair of Tango Shoes

    Maybe this is your first pair of Tango shoes...maybe this is the first time you're purchasing shoes (or anything) online.   I understand that this may be very scary for you.   

    I am here to help so that you know what to look for, so that you don't make mistakes....but if you do, you can always return/exchange at FELINA SHOES!

    Choosing the right size:
    Please look at our size chart.   Argentine Tango shoe sizes are consistent with American street sizes so if you wear US size 6, you would go for size 36 tango shoes.   If you wear a half size such as size 6.5, I recommend you go with 1/2 size smaller rather than bigger -- in this case, size 36. 
    We tend to wear shoes that are a little big for our feet. While this is okay for street shoes, it doesn't quite work for tango shoes.  Tango shoes are made of leather and stretch a little after you wear them for the first time and the shoes need to fit you perfectly after they stretch.  Here are a few things you'll need to remember:

    • When you're dancing, it is dangerous for your shoes to move around your feet.
    • It will be much more difficult for you to balance in shoes that are too big.
    • Shoes that are too big increase your chance of stepping on your partner or getting stepped on.
    • Shoes that are too big will get in the way of your dancing, especially if you're trying to do -"embellishments

    When you slide your feet in the tango shoes, the shoes need to be only slightly longer than your feet.  While you don't want your toes hanging outside the base of the shoes, you also don't want the shoes to be much longer.  (I would say 1/2cm is enough.)

    If the shoes are snug, don't worry. They'll most likely stretch enough after you wear them the first night. If they're hurting your feet, you can try a different style or have them stretched (see shoe care product).  In general, the open toe style will fit wider.   It is also helpful to know that suede and leather material stretch more than the shoes that use satin or patent leather. (Please note, I am referring to the outer material. All shoes are lined with genuine leather.)

    Heel Cage and Straps:
    Some shoes have an enclosed heel cage and some have an open heel cage. If you just started dancing and worried, go for the fully enclosed heel cage.  However, open heel cage are surprisingly secure, especially those that have a thick sling back!  Oh, if you're in love with the ribbon closure, by all means, go for it. Those are just as secure as the traditional leather straps with metal buckles. (I know this from experience.)

    I talk about this in the Heels / Tacos page but it is helpful to have heels.   If you're not used to wearing high heels, you can start with the lower heels and work your way up.  I have had many first time shoppers purchase the lowest heels and come back within one month asking for higher heels.  It's just easier to dance with high heels once you get used to it!