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    My shoes are perfect in length, but are too tight. What can I do?

    All our shoes are lined with very soft goat leather and will stretch after you wear for a few hours.  If you feel that they need further stretching, please see to our shoe care product section to find out what you can do.

    Do you have half sizes?

    No, women's shoes are not produced in half sizes.  If you are a half size, order the smaller size that have wide open toe (see size chart)

    Are the sizes any different between NeoTango and Comme il Faut shoes?

    No, the shoes are the same in length, but fit differently because NeoTango shoes tend to be slightly wider than Comme il Faut shoes. (Of course, this depends on the style of the shoes, but if you compare open toe shoes for example for the two brands, NeoTango shoes fit slightly wider.)

    I don't see shoes that I want in my size. Can I place a request?

    We do not take special orders because it is very difficult to get a specific pair.  Comme il Faut only makes 30 pairs of each design and NeoTango is also constantly changing the designs. This makes your pair more unique, but difficult to order any specific pair.

    What are the soles of the shoes made of?

    All of Comme il Faut shoes have leather soles and all of Delie shoes have suede soles.  NeoTango shoes depend of the pair.  Please contact us for specific pair (model & size) in stock. 
    You can also read about the soles in About Tango Shoes page.

    What heel heights do the shoes come in?

    Comme il Faut shoes come in 3.75" (9.5cm), 3.5" (9.0cm) and 3.0"(7.5cm) stiletto heels. NeoTango Shoes come in high stiletto heels (8.5~9.5cm), 8.5cm regular heels, 7.5cm regular or stiletto heels and 6.5cm heels.  Please see Heels / Tacos page for more information.